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Villa Dino is a Residence located in the Appia Antica “Regina Viarum”.

Known as the ‘Orazi and Curiazi’, its name derives from the families that fought the legendary battle between Rome and Albalonga, as told by Livy.

The construction of the Villa was commissioned around 1930 and, in the 1960s, it was purchased as the representative office of the D’ORO publishing house, which specialised in the production of precious books. The entrance is marked on both sides by two brick monuments: the first is a two-storey tempietto sepulchre from the middle of the second century A.D., on whose façade numerous marble fragments were walled up during 19th-century reconstruction; the second monument, on the other hand, was used as a watchtower in the Middle Ages, and is an example of the virtuoso restoration of Roman monuments.

Villa Dino and its
immense park

It is one of the largest villas in the Eternal City, and inside you can admire various Roman artefacts, protected with the utmost care. In addition to an original Roman colonnade, the Villa is flanked by the tomb of Lucius Anneus Seneca, containing the remains of the famous philosopher and Nero’s tutor.

Seneca, who was considered to be a participant in the famous Pisoni conspiracy against Nero, was ordered by the emperor to take his own life while staying at his villa on the Appian Way.

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Tacitus himself tells us that Nero had long wanted to get rid of his old tutor, after having eliminated his mother and brother. According to tradition, Seneca’s body was laid in a pillar-shaped tomb decorated with lion heads, of which only one remains visible today.

On the first floor of the Villa there are other relics of modern history such as the triclinium, desk and lectern of the famous writer and poet Gabriele D’Annunzio.

Over the years many personalities have visited the villa: Presidents, ecclesiastical authorities and major figures of world culture.

If you are looking for a charismatic, exclusive and refined residence, let yourself be won over by Villa Dino, the ideal location for an event that will remain in your heart and that of your guests for a long time.

Paola Selva

Events Management

I have been running Villa Dino since 2013 and manage all the day-to-day activities related to the sales function, always focusing on the excellence of events and, above all, on building relationships with customers based on values that enable them to achieve their desired goals.

Any event is built with our support.

The Villa offers great scenic excitement and congenial logistics, providing suitable spaces for all types of events and celebrations.

Weddings, communions, christenings, gala dinners, corporate events, fashion shows, photo shoots, film shoots, private dinners and any other type of event you may require.

The spaces, dedicated exclusively to the client, can be reserved by the hour, by the day, by the week or by the month.



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